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Dr Gafoor Mubarak is ready to serve for your better health.
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About Clinic Dr. G

Clinic Dr. G is the best clinic in Malaysia with expert doctor Dr. Gafoor Mubarak who has more than 20 years of experience in the health sector and specialises in bariatric surgery.

Now Clinic Dr. G is also expanding its services to Indonesia to help people who have overweight problem. Clinic Dr. G will help you to have an ideal weight, avoid obesity and other congenital disease problems due to being overweight.

"Ingat Kurus, Ingat Dr. G"

  • Vision

    Making Clinic Dr. G excel in the field of health and weight loss by prioritizing the best patient care in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Brand Promise

  • Provide wholehearted service with friendliness and integrity.

  • Providing education in the form of scientific facts about gastric surgery which is still often the final choice by the public.

  • Active and aggressive in updating knowledge, skills, and innovation as well as continuously attending seminars, workshops, and training in health techniques according to body weight.


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